Perceived disadvantages of GM crops

Here I have compiled a list of my own post on the disadvantages of GM crops as well as a list of supporting articles and websites with further information into the topics as well as a view of how these topics are presented to the general public at the moment. In my own posts I have tried to approach each topic with an unbiased approach to try and separate the scientific fact from the scaremongering that is often presented in the media.


Blog posts:

Environmental impacts

Political and economical impacts


Websites and articles:

Genetically modified plants and human health, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 2008

Concerns about GM crop, Nuffield council on bioethics

Pesticides in paradise, The Guardian, 2015

GM foods, saving lives or lining corporate pockets, The Telegraph, 2014

Genetically engineered crops damage wildlife, Institute for responsible technology, 2015