I have designed this website as a public source of information regarding GM crops. A lot of the science can often be accessible and with so many mixed messages from the media it is difficult to know how to think about GM crops. As time goes on and science invents more genetic technologies who is going to be in charge of deciding how far we should change the the cause of nature or how and where we implement these technologies? Should it be scientists? Politicians? Charities? There is no obvious answer to this but the chances are it will ultimately be a mixture of lots of different fields. Whatever the case the public opinion will be vital and thus it is important that the public is well informed in a clear unbiased way so that we can make the best decisions for the future.

I aim to aid this by blogging about the technologies that exist and try to explain them in a clear concise way so that they are more accessible for everyone. I have also created a survey to gauge an insight to the public’s current beliefs for GM crops. I aim to also blog about the supposed advantages and stigmas associated with GM crops and unveil what we really have to gain and where any risks lie.