Food safety and food quality

Food safety and food quality


Food safety is often seen as a concern for GM crops. A lot of this concern is based around any unknown effects of consuming crops that have had their DNA altered in some artificial manner. In each case where a new trait is added to a crop, the crop has to undergo strict safety trials before being allowed to be commercially produced. However, despite all this concern there have been many long term research project showing that in reality GM crops pose no additional health risks than traditional agricultural processes.Morocco-Center-Of-The-Strategy-For-The-Global-Food-Security

In fact, GM crops are starting to be seen as being a potential tool for improving the quality of food. Geneticists have developed technologies to introduce higher nutrient rich genes into crops or even introduce vitamins not usually found in those species. Evidently these technologies could be used to increase the nutritional values of food which will be of particular benefit in areas of the world where malnutrition are prominent. By introducing the nutritional values from foods not normally able to be grown in certain regions into the foods which are, you are able to improve the intake of the people living in those regions without needing to source different foods from other locations. Also by altering the genes of different crops so that they can grow in different environments you are able to increase the range of foods locally available in each region of the world.


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